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Steel Grating




Steel Grating Type:

Flat steel grating, Serrated steel grating, Closed steel grating, Open steel grating, Galvanized steel grating, Black steel grating, Painted steel grating, Stainless steel grating, Trench cover, Grating clamps, Compound steel grating, Press locked steel grating, Special steel grating etc.


Steel Grating Sizes:

Maximum Sizes:  The sizes according to custom requirements.

Materials: Low carbon steel, stainless steel

Surface Treatment: Hot dipped zinc coating, painted or plain steel

Surface Shape: Flat or gear

Bearing Bar Depth and Thickness:20*5、25*5、25*3、32*5、32*5、40*5、40*3、50*5、65*5、75*6、100*8、100*10 etc.

Cross Bar Spacing: 20,30,40,50mm etc.

Cross Bar Spacing: 50,100mm


Quality Standard:

Bar grating can be supplied in the following standards:

China: YB/T4001-1998

American: ANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88)


Australia: AS1657-1992

Steel Grating Standard: China GB700-88

Hot dipped zinc coating standard: China Standard: GB/T13912-92

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